Registration Policies

Candidates may register at any time prior to the beginning of the class, as long as empty seats are available. It is recommended candidates register as early as possible in order to receive shipped course materials in a timely manner and begin reviewing the material prior to class. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age at the time of enrollment and be able to show a valid picture ID proving age. Candidates will not be able to participate in any tastings, or the Level 3 exam, without proof of legal drinking age (21+). Classroom study materials will be shipped to candidates within 2 business days of registration, via a trackable method. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure shipments reach them safely once the package has been marked as delivered. Wine Academy of Las Vegas is not responsible for loss of course materials after the package is marked as delivered. Shipping and postage costs are included in tuition prices.

Cancellation Policy

Wine Academy of Las Vegas (WALV) reserves the right to cancel or change course dates and times. In the rare event this must occur, candidates will be notified of the new dates/times. If candidates are unable to attend the new times, a full refund will be issued to the candidate. If candidates cannot attend, they must contact WALV for a cancellation form and submit it to the school. Cancellation forms may be obtained by contacting the school.  

Refund Policy  

*Modified Refund Policy due to COVID-19: 

We understand that the current climate has caused much uncertainty with regards to scheduling and travel. In order to provide as much flexibility as possible for you to complete your wine qualification, we are offering the following refund policy until further notice. 

All refunds are less the price of course materials already shipped, and shipping and processing costs. 

Online Courses: 

Students must provided 7 days notice prior to the start date of their online course in order to receive a refund. If students have already received login instructions and credentials, students must not complete registration for the online portal, otherwise they will be ineligible for a refund. Students will be unable to receive refunds once the course begins. 

Students traveling in for exams will not be charged any rescheduling fees if they are not able/choose not to sit the scheduled exam date. Please provide notice as soon as possible if unable to sit the scheduled exam date. Students will be provided future exam dates to choose from that best fit their schedule, should they choose/be unable to test on the scheduled day. 

Online exam options are available to Level 1 and Level 2 candidates at no extra cost. 

In-Person Courses: 

Students traveling in for/attending in-person courses will not be charged any rescheduling fees if they are not able/choose not to attend the course. Students unable to attend will be rescheduled onto a future course date at no cost. Please provide notice as soon as possible if unable to sit the scheduled course. 

Resit Fees 

Candidates who are unsuccessful in their examination attempts will be able to resit the examination with a resit fee. This fee covers registration on a new exam date, exam ordering, exam shipping (to and from London), marking of the exam, and exam tasting samples (L3 tasting and L3 full exams only). 

L1 Wines Resit: $55 in-person exam; $70 online exam

L2 Wines Resit: $75 in-person exam; $90 online exam

L3 Wines Resit - Tasting Only: $75

L3 Wines Resit - Theory Only: $90

L3 Wines Resit - Full Exam: $140